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Inspiring Design Links: Week 9

This week’s 5 best links from the digital design world. Curated by the design team at Plant.

Publicis 90

Smooth animations, great transitions and a clean look. The site uses geometric shapes in a fun and playful way.




This website is weird mix of Snake (the game) and big typography. It is a very simple site with a original idea. The usability is horrible – but there is not that much to “use” on the site, so it is not that important.



RAF SIMONS — Fall 16

A fullpage website with a lot of different tiles, all including a video of a man walking. Great and different way to show a fashion collection online. The site also has some great typography – try clicking the logo.



G I D Motion

Some bouncy water following you around and sharp colors. This is the portfolio of a Guatemalan art director with some very nice projects!



Rally Interactive

Really impressive site! The idea with the ribbon turning into the navigation is great. The cases is really well done – both the text and the imagery has a good vibe. The site also has some new interactions, like the possibility to drag (with the mouse) from case to case.



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