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Inspiring Design Links: Week 24

Here’s our weekly top 5 selection of awesomeness from the world of digital design. Curated by the design team at Plant.


Last week we talked a bit about cursor interactive design.  This week we have a site that also features it – a lot! If you like it, you can get copious amounts of cursor interactive design right here.



Swift Playgrounds

Apple just held its WWDC 2016 and one of the biggest announcements were Swift Playgrounds. Its basically a  game, that’s supposedly so intuitive that it’ll learn kids how to code Swift.
We also dig the hero animation. Effective, yet extremely simple to execute as it is just a bunch of pictures reacting to your scroll rate.



Enjoy Gallery

Lets continue with the duo-tone look. NYC-Pride have this breathtaking site which is a class example of responsive design. We can’t find a size where it doesn’t look good.



Bloomberg – Global Tech Issue 2016

We love Bloomberg. Their main business is in an field not particularly known for having a keen aesthetic priority, but Bloomberg have acknowledged the need to innovate on digital medias.



Swiss Army man

So Watson/DG spend a huge amount of time making a man fart if you click his tummy. Probably some of the best time prioritising ever! Not the most useful site, but itv shows the possibilities of WebGL and how far we’ve come regarding in-browser graphics.



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