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Inspiring Design Links: Week 23

Here’s our weekly top 5 selection of awesomeness from the world of digital design. Curated by the design team at Plant.


Alright! This is some trippy stuff! Click and hold your cursor on the diamond and indulge yourself in a world of psychedelic graphics. We especially like the one with the skull. Use Chrome, for the best experience.



New Deal Design

If you’re just a little curious about new gadgets, these guys have probably designed it. We also like the duo-tone image editing that Spotify made popular some years ago. Check them, and their work out.



NYC Pride

Lets continue with the duo-tone look. NYC-Pride have this breathtaking site which is a class example of responsive design. We can’t find a size where it doesn’t look good.



Castello Festival

Not to be confused with the delicious Castello Cheese, this website is for a German electronic festival. Random name for a festival, but a nice website and refreshingly different. It seems like mouse based animations are going to be big in 2016



Type Terms

If you want to refreshen your typography skills, this is the go-to-site. Explore anything from stems to apertures in a beautifully designed interface.



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