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Inspiring Design Links: Week 22

Here’s our weekly top 5 selection of awesomeness from the world of digital design. Curated by the design team at Plant.


Beautiful. Just beautiful. A guy on Twitter said it best: “Waaark is one of those website where you look at it and think, damn I wish I made this!”




Colorful animations everywhere! Booounce is a collection of inspiring short videos and GIFs, and the website also has nice animations and transitions.



Windswept Pendant

Make a unique necklace from a date and a place. The website will fetch the wind-conditions from your chosen place and date and generate the necklace real time. Pretty fun. Try New Orleans, August 29, 2005. The day Hurricane Katrina hit.



Brock Kenzlers portfolio

A very simple portfolio with a special take. It works just as you would expect from a dropdown. Fun idea.



Stink Digital

Stink Digital recently launched a new website. It has great images and great design. We have featured a lot of the projects showcased in earlier editions of this newsletter.



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