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Inspiring Design Links: Week 20

Here’s our weekly top 5 selection of awesomeness from the world of digital design. Curated by the design team at Plant.

The Nude Popcorn Company

We were glad to see a campaign site simply dedicated to popcorn. The UK-based Nude Popcorn Company has created a very colorful experience concisely explaining the benefits of their product. Although the message is a bit boring we are entertained by the colors and organic parallax animations of the site.



Daniel Givens

Daniel Givens is without a doubt a gifted coder and visual designer. His portfolio is mysterious, beautiful and intriguing. The user experience of navigating through his projects is, however, very confusing. It’s an interesting example of form over function.



1 Pixel World

Picking a color to represent a brand, product or service is an exciting challenge. But what does a specific color communicate? 1 Pixel World is a collection of colors and their associations. Pantone, the traditional color company, has generally done a great job of moving their business online.




Vivivit is a Japanese agency doing a great job combining a plain and simple aesthetic with crazy cultural elements from Japan. The site employs a great deal of fluid animations which make us eager to explore to see what’s next.




Nightingale is a three dimensional experience imitating the surroundings of a real gallery while integrating some surreal elements such as the floating chrome objects shown in the picture. Although this way of presenting information is not particularly efficient, it feels fresh and immersive.



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