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Inspiring Design Links: Week 16

Here’s our weekly top 5 selection of awesomeness from the world of digital design. Curated by the design team.



You’d expect Bloomberg.com to be as dull, conventional and conservative as its stock prices and business news. However, Bloomberg has a surprisingly fresh design on its website where colors and animation are the center of attention. We highly recommend clicking the menu button.




It’s almost impossible to figure out what Fornasetti is and what it does. The people behind it have, however, constructed a visually enticing user experience which begs to be interacted with. Try it out for yourself and do let us know if you figure out what the cards combinations mean.



UI Stencils

At Plant we prefer to begin our design process sketching user experiences by hand. This method has considerable advantages being a cheap, fast and easy way to discuss and reiterate digital concepts before they are developed. UI Stencils introduce a simple way of speeding up the process of drawing the same UI elements over and over again.



NASA Style Guide

NASA is without a doubt an awe-inspiring organization. For many decades NASA has defined the standards for space travel and in the process they have defined the standards for space aesthetics in graphic design as well. Now, an original style guide from 1975 has been released, and we think it is a treat to see such a well crafted, iconic and influential visual identity documented so well.




This French news company knows what’s up. Their website does a great job balancing on the edge between insane and credible. We think their use of parallax effects and clean minimalistic fonts and elements makes it one to watch.


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