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Inspiring Design Links: Week 15

Here’s our weekly top 5 selection of awesomeness from the world of digital design. Curated by the design team.


Nurture Digital

If you like sweet, fluid animations, this is the site for you. One trend we have noticed becoming more and more popular, is the use of visible grids. It looks good and makes sense, why hide such a integral part of your webdesign?




Besides having a cool name, they use some pretty interesting storytelling to lure in customers. The message might be a bit forced, and we think its just an excuse to show some sweet visuals. But the visuals are definitely sweet.



Sonic Square Shakes

Normally it is physical things that define the digital sphere. Apples Skeuomorphism is a great example. Sonic Square Shakes is the first example we have seen of physical things designed to fit a digital world. How about a shake, perfectly square and garnished to fit a Instagram photo? If you post it, we’ll definitely double tap!



Ueno Digital Agency

We often visit sites that uses scroll jacking. If you’re like us, and scroll through a page quickly, it gets quite frustrating. Ueno Digital agency is using a hybrid that we think is awesome. You’re able to scroll fast, and when you have stopped scrolling for a couple of seconds, it automatically scrolls you to the right fold. This gives you the best experience, without the hassle. Well done!



Italics Examined by Hoefler&Co

Fonts are a cornerstone i all good design. We enjoyed this quick read from Hoefler&Co about Italics. There are som pretty funny revelations. For example one sub style was designed to be used on maps and follow the curvature of rivers.

At last we have a little font joke:

One font meets the other in Rome. He asks: “Hey, are you a Roman too?” “No,” says the other, “but I am an Italic!”


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