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Inspiring Design Links: Week 13

This week’s top 5 selection from the digital design world. Curated by the design team at Plant.

Pigeon Air Patrol

Normally pigeons are pretty useless. But this high-tech-pigeon-squad has taken initiative to raise awareness about the increasing pollution in London. They are doing it with small backpacks containing sensors. Cool stuff!




It seems like all tech startups from the last 5 years are working from the same wordpress template. Intercom is not different, but they managed to spice it up a bit with some sweet illustrations.



Adidas Climazone

Adidas and Nike are the kings of minisites. This sites uses a subtle kinetic driven parallax effect. This, together with seemingly random placed text and pictures, have created a beautiful minisite.




Simple and elegant agency website. Note how the shadow adapts to the placement of your mouse.



Typography Summer School

Now to something a bit different. This website is uniquely designed around a scrollable two column layout. Something we rarely see. We wonder what they’ll do if they expand to a third school.



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