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Inspiring Design Links: Week 11

This week’s 5 best links from the digital design world. Curated by the design team at Plant.

U.S. Air Force

Really cool website for the US Air Force. It almost have a war-movie feel to it. Animations, font, pictures and videos – everything is just on point!
Bonus info: The video in the background autoplays on mobile, which has been a challenge on iOS.



Adobe Experience Design

Adobe’s competitor to the very popular Sketch App launched public beta. Adobe Experience Design (formerly Project Comet) is at a very early stage, but it sure will be interesting to see how things play out.



Swiss in CSS

Classic swiss design animated with CSS. Fun to see a mix of two disciplines, web and classic graphic design.



Android’s new bottom navigation

Google added Bottom navigation as a component in the Material Design guidelines. It is receiving a decent amount of flak because of bad UX. Concerns include the navigations being to close to software buttons and icons not always including labels.



Matt W Moore Graphics

Geometric graphic design. Matt W Moore recently updated this portfolio with a lot of new work. Go check it out if you like graphic design.



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