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Plant’s best reads 2014

There are many great things about working with digital projects and web design. But one great thing is that there’s always new ideas being broadcasted. And at Plant we’re always curious about how we can evolve our products, code, design and workflow. 2014 was another great year in web design and a lot of great content floated around. Here’s a selection of reads that made an impact at Plant in 2014. Read and be inspired.


Atomic design

We’re not designing pages, we’re designing systems of components. This is a quote by Stephen Hay. It inspired Brad frost to create a methodical way to create design systems. And this article sparked a lot of debate and inspiration in the Plant team. A must read.

Read it here: Atomic design by Brad Frost


Opinionated AngularJS styleguide for teams

Hey, all you nerdy readers – this is for you. A piece about AngularJs applications. Todd Motto created a thorough style guide for structuring AngularJs applications. If you’re creating projects with Angularjs this is a must read. It made at huge impact on the development team at Plant.

Read it here: Opinionated AngularJS styleguide for teams by Todd Motto


The Role of Utility Classes in Scalable CSS

CSS is hard. Anyone that says otherwise is either working alone or on small project. At Plant CSS is serious business and we’re always trying to create more scalable and efficient CSS. This piece helped us understand the two basic CSS Paradigms better. If you write CSS: Read it.

Read it here:  The Role of Utility Classes in Scalable CSS by David Clark


Transitional Interfaces

Animation leverages an overlooked dimension — time! An invisible fabric which stitches space together.
Are you into interface design? Then this piece is a must read. It helped us understand how animation can help the users brain to understand how the information flows.

Read it here: Transitional Interfaces by Pasquale D’Silva


Dan Mall “Responsive Design is Still Hard/Easy! Be Afraid/Don’t Worry!”

This is not a read. But a talk. A talk so inspiring that we couldn’t leave it of the list. In 50 min Dan Mall delivers great advise and tips on how to mange small and large responsive web design project. He’ll show you how to tweak your waterfall methodology into something more effective and help you figure out where Photoshop belongs in your workflow. Go watch it!

Watch it here: Dan Mall “Responsive Design is Still Hard/Easy! Be Afraid/Don’t Worry!” by Dan Mall


Team Collaboration And Closing Efficiency Gaps In Responsive Design

Do you work in silos? We recommend you stop that. Workflow and team collaboration is everything in responsive design. If you wanna create opportunities to work better together – this is a great read. We highly recommend it.

Read it here: Team Collaboration And Closing Efficiency Gaps In Responsive Design by Brian Krall


Un-sucking the touchpoint

The touchpoint has become a central way to view designing moments across increasingly complex journeys. Our Head of UX highly recommend this article. If you wanna learn more about Touchpoints and how to use them? This is a great place to start.

Read it here: Un-sucking the touchpoint by Chris Risdon